SEO Analysis and Consulting Services

How to get more qualified leads from your website If you depend on generating leads from your website, this might just be the ticket to getting more qualified leads. I have for many years used top tier tools to analyze and create SEO strategies. It takes a bit of work to analyze the raw stats, but has helped to increase … Read More

Law Firm Website Marketing

One of the problems we run into are law firms with multiple practice areas. The sites might be full of great content on dozens of practice areas. But nowhere to be found in search engines no matter what you search for. The reason is simply that SEs don’t know what the site is all about. There are too many keywords, … Read More

Elderlaw Firm Website Link Tactics

How To Get Links To Your Elder Lawyer Site Links are not the same – here’s the little known inside scoop on what works. Most potential clients searching for a lawyer will do so using search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Google gets about 64% of all the searches so I will simply use Google as an example SE … Read More

What “Web Designers” Don’t want you to know

If you don’t expect any response at all from your visitors, you have a brochureware site. Colorful, cool and self-centered. That’s ok, but why not have it work for you? “For every one million unique visitors per month, 40% are driven away due to incomplete content — a lost cost for their lifetime value of $2.8 million dollars.” — Forrester … Read More

Why should your firm have your own web site?

Law firms have two main reasons to spend money on a web site: To get more business. A properly designed and placed web site will generate qualified inquiries. To provide useful information to prospective and existing clients. Visitors will realize that the information you provide is important and helpful. This will give them the confidence that your firm is the … Read More

Don’t SELL – Influence!

What makes people buy on the Web? An award winning web site? Top listings on search engines? Cheap stuff? Nope. None of that actually makes the visitor BUY. You can have 10,000 visitors coming to your cool web site and no buyers. It happens more than you think. I know because I work with some of those companies. Here’s the … Read More